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Transitions by Katie Gailes A good hobby can be many things. It can be an emotional outlet that takes us away from the stresses of life or career. It can be a pipeline for our creativity and the classroom for lifelong learning. Hobbies keep our minds and our hands active. They can add color and […]

Review by Jane Bousaw Join this gang of assassins and see the world. RED 2 locations in Washington, London, Paris, Moscow and Hong Kong were filmed in Canada, London and Paris, which adds to the fun, but the real joy is the cast of killer characters. D.C. comics had released a limited edition of an […]

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Transitions by Katie Gailes As the demographics of our country continue to change at an accelerated rate, we hear the word ‘diversity’ used more often. It is used to define social imperatives, cultural goals, workforce development needs and staffing goals. To some, this focus on diversity feels new. But not to Stan Kimer. Stan has […]

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Transitions by Katie Gailes On any given Sunday morning, you may find Reverend Shirley McLeod doing anything from teaching an adult Sunday school class to reading to a group of toddlers at Saint James AME church. Shirley is the director of Christian Education at her church and oversees all education and learning functions and initiatives. […]

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Winery Builds on 300 Years of Family History Transitions by Katie Gailes The land had been in the Adams family since the 1700s. Nine generations had lived there and farmed tobacco. When tobacco farming became unprofitable, John Adams looked for another crop or business that would keep the land in the family. Though he and […]