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Tinseltown Talks by Nick Thomas Eighty years ago, 16-year-old Marsha Hunt began her professional career with a prominent New York City modeling agency. But her real love since the age of four was acting. So, the following year in May 1935 she headed to Hollywood. Within weeks of arriving on the West Coast her dream […]

Tinseltown Talks By Nick Thomas Norman Lloyd admits he’s taking things a bit easy these days. This year, he currently has only one film waiting for release and he now plays just two tennis matches a week. Still, that’s not bad, considering the veteran actor, producer, and director turns 100 later this year! “People are […]

By Brittany Burchett The past decade has been a golden era for superhero movies. We’ve had two separate Spiderman franchises, Christopher Nolan’s award-winning Batman franchise, a new Superman movie, two Thor movies, three Iron Man movies, two Captain America movies, an Incredible Hulk movie, and others. In 2012, several of these franchises were joined to […]

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Transitions by Katie Gailes What is the cost of lost opportunity? Lyn Jackson found out in a very real and personal way when her mother passed away in 2008. Almost immediately, she thought of all of the questions that she wished she had asked and all of the things she wished she knew about her […]

By Barbara Petty I must admit that I am a failed Rodney Crowell fan. I (and about a million other people) am most familiar with his financially successful 1988 release of Diamonds & Dirt, the album that produced five consecutive Number One singles during a 17-month period, (It’s Such a Small World (a duet with […]