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Aug 2, 2014“A Bird Doesn’t Sing Because it has an Answer, it Sings Because it has a Song.” Maya Angelou ~ A Tribute
Jul 2, 2014Jim Carrey: The Many Faces of Humor
May 31, 2014Christiane Amanpour ~ Speaking Truth to Power
May 5, 2014Rodney Crowell ~ Evoking the Truth of Everyday Life
Apr 3, 2014Graham Nash, “An Incredible Life”
Feb 27, 2014Rosanne Cash: Out of the Shadow
Feb 2, 2014John Elway: Mr. Colorado
Jan 5, 2014Angelica Huston ~ Fathers, Lovers, Husbands
Dec 4, 2013The Making of Bryan Cranston
Nov 4, 2013Lewis Black: The King of Satire
Oct 3, 2013Sam Waterston: “Success Is Wonderful if You Don’t Inhale”
Sep 1, 2013Sheryl Crow “All I Wanna Do…
Jul 31, 2013Michael Bublé “How Can You Not Like This Stuff!”
Jul 2, 2013Warren Haynes: A Tribute to Jerry Garcia
Jun 2, 2013Five Minutes with Kevin Spacey
May 6, 2013Diana Krall ~ A Combination of Personal Experience and Imagination
Apr 2, 2013Al Pacino: “I Got My Social Education From the Streets of New York”
Mar 3, 2013Kenny G: Be True to the Integrity of Your Art
Feb 1, 2013My Non-Interview With Whoopi Goldberg
Jan 1, 2013Tommy Lee Jones ~ The Art of Observation
Dec 4, 2012Julia Louis-Dreyfus ~ Overcoming the Seinfeld Curse
Oct 31, 2012Bruce Springsteen ~ The Music is Forever
Oct 5, 2012Bernhard Langer ~ Still Winning After All These Years
Aug 31, 2012Jay Leno: Finding Humor Everywhere
Aug 2, 2012Christie Brinkley
Jun 29, 2012John Patrick McEnroe, Jr. ~ “You Cannot Be Serious”
May 30, 2012Woody Harrelson: A True Free Spirit
May 1, 2012Sir Richard Branson: Enlightened Entrepreneur
Apr 1, 2012Natalie Merchant
Feb 29, 2012Bruce Hornsby ~ That’s Just The Way It Is… Today!
Jan 31, 2012Viggo Mortensen ~ Stopping to Catch a Piece of Light
Jan 2, 2012What Makes Lesley Stahl Tick?
Nov 30, 2011Helen Mirren ~ The Trick in Life is Learning How to Deal With It
Oct 1, 2011Terry Bradshaw ~ Winning His Own Battles
Aug 29, 2011Lindsey Buckingham: Seeds We Sow
Aug 1, 2011Tom Hanks ~ Hollywood’s Nicest Guy
Jul 1, 2011Ted Danson ~ Working Together Everyone Wins
Jun 28, 2011J.K. Rowling ~ Love Wins
May 3, 2011Wynton Marsalis ~ With Feet in Two Musical Worlds
Apr 3, 2011Cybil Shepherd – Southern Belle Redefined